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The G20 Leaders Summit will place Brisbane in the global spotlight in November. What does it mean for the local community? How do the people of Brisbane get their minds around the G20 and what it brings to their city?

Griffith University is teaming up with Quest Community Newspapers to give residents the opportunity to put their G20 question to Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk. If you could ask Mayor Quirk any question on the G20 what would it be?

Mayor Quirk responded to the three most popular questions at a Brisbane event on August 20, which was streamed live.

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Anshul Tewari · 5 years ago
I just posted the following after the youtube clip, but thought it worth repeating here. Looking at the other questions posted on Our Say, I would have thought this one:- "Historically the G20 summits have be a security challenge, characterised by attempts to completely suppress any form of protest. Will Brisbane show some initiative and provide/schedule an organised opportunity for "protesters" to get their message across to the summit attendees. Doing so would alleviate much potential tensions and be praised internationally.” would have garnered more interest. The fact that it didn't speaks volumes to the general apathy the Australian population has towards it all. We don't have the passion for speaking out against authority. We too readily accept everything done even when it is questionable. The "she'll be right" and "not my problem" attitudes are still alive and well. Australians have ignored the polices training and planing for the G20. They've adopted all the same methods and techniques in crowd control to silence and confront the public. Which is a real shame because it could have been a great opportunity to show the world a better way to handle it. Instead, it looks like it could potentially be another controversial event like we've seen in other cities. That is if anyone bothers to turn up and try to voice an opinion. Our Say and it's members have missed the potential importance of this. I like the concept and process of Our Say, but it hasn't yet gathered the membership base it needs. (Navigating on the website is awful too!)
- DJR96 - · 5 years ago
Sorry Lord mayor you avoided making any statement and clearly you have missed an important opportunity to put Brisbane on the map as a city of the future.
Pete W · 5 years ago