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Council is now in phase 2 of the planning for the Keysborough South Community Hub project. Your feedback and ideas are helping us to get the design, services and facilities at a community hub right and also help us to advocate for a school.

There is more opportunities to get involved as the projects progresses:
· Join the Facebook group at

· Check for project updates

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Council recognises the demand for a government school in Keysborough South. The provision of schools is the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Department of Education and Training (DET). Council has advocated strongly over a number of years for Primary School land to be secured and to be listed as a priority development.

The approved Development Plan for Keysborough South identifies land for the purpose of a school. However, developing and acquiring the land is the responsibility for the State Government. Council will continue to advocate to the Department of Education and Training on behalf of the community.

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Council acknowledges the need for greater public transport within the Keysborough South Area. In particular, Council is aware that the provision of public transport would support the useability of the Keysborough Community Hub.

The provision of public transport services is a State Government responsibility falling within the role of Public Transport Victoria. However, in response to community need, Council together with Ventura, has been campaigning for the introduction of a new bus services in the Keysborough South area. We will keep you updated on the progress of this campaign.

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Council is conscious of the interest for a shopping precinct in Keysborough South.

An area of approximately 8 hectares at the intersection of Hutton and Chapel Roads is zoned to accommodate commercial activity. The approved development plan for the area includes the development of a supermarket at the north-east corner of that intersection and planning permits have been issued in respect of a proposed development for that site.

It is hoped that approved development plans and permits will be acted upon soon and these new facilities will be made available to the community.

responding: Councillor Sean O'Reilly, Martin Fidler & City of Greater Dandenong

Keysborough South Community Hub

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Definitely need another Primary School in Keysborough with all of the new estates popping up.
Melody Lind · 4 years ago

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