What can you do about executive pay checks in councils? Some of these bureaucrats are earning more than cabinet ministers, arguably with less responsibility. Will you use your role as IR minister to also do the hard negotiation with the public sector unions?

user picture Edwin Gordon · 4 years ago · 40 votes · 8 comments
Whenever ratepayers or governments say that rates are too high the councils come back with the mantra that if they were reduced then so would services. There is never any mention of reducing executive salaries. Note we are not actually saying that rates should be reduced, just their rate of INCREASE reduced.
David Brooks · 4 years ago
John S. Campbell · 4 years ago
Most services are contracted out these days, so why do we even need CEOs, Directors and managers in local government managing things that others take care of?
Karen Ellis · 4 years ago
Why don't you provide some facts here? I have -and suspect the Public has- no idea of remuneration levels you are complaining about, or their circumstances of determination. Same deficiency applies mostly to your other issues raised: no substance provided, just rant.
Jon Wexler · 4 years ago
I wish I knew!! The PM gets about $500k pa. Many CEO's get close to twice as much. the PM can get "disposed" by his own party or lose an election and lose his job, but not the CEO of a Council. Yes, how does one take a bone from a dog? Only way is to legislate the pay structure in bring it line with public servants/politicians. One needs to take pay/conditions decisions away from Councillors, that in the main, have very little experience either as Councillors or as employers. Knowledge of the LGA is in most cases non-existent by Councillors and they rely, for better or worse, on the CEO to guide them.
Lake Bolac Caravan Park · 4 years ago
How do you take a bone from a dog. Top level salaries need direction and guidance from the State government for all councils so there is none of this playing one off the other to secure good managers for local government, particularly rural councils
Don McPhee · 4 years ago
Good Question
Joy Dahl · 4 years ago
Those would be 'cheques'?
Peter Mackinlay · 4 years ago
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